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Quantum QX4

Qx4 with twice filtering capacity and being passive you will hear a cleaner, detailed sound with wider dynamics.
£1 800.00

Quantum units can be applied to almost any hi-fi or AV system with results that far outweigh their cost. Their impact is neither subtle nor hard to hear (or see), but in the case of a hi-fi system, there is a simple approach that will make appreciating the Quantum effect even easier:

  • The Quantum unit should be connected between the system and the wall. If you are using a distribution unit such as a Quantum Base or Nordost Thor, simply plug that into the Qx unit. If not, connect the pre-amp or integrated amp into the Quantum instead. Because the Qx2 and Qx4 are field-based devices, they will still affect the performance of the whole system. They should also be placed as close to the system as possible.
  • Using the rear-mounted switch on the Quantum, make sure that the unit is switched off.
  • Play a 30 to 45 second excerpt from a familiar track.
  • Stop the CD, turn on the Quantum unit and replay the same cut.

The music will seem louder, clearer and more natural, with greater presence and a more coherent sense of space. Over time you’ll also notice that you are hearing the system less and the performers more, something which is particularly apparent on intimate or live performances, voice and piano (think Holly Cole). Once you’ve heard the Quantum affect, you’ll always hear it, whatever the music, and whilst you might hear it first or most readily on something small scale and acoustic, the results on larger scale music can be even more important.

Qx4 is ideally used either individually to feed a complete system, or in multiple arrays in the most demanding applications. Adding additional units in a carefully considered way will produce even greater Quantum effects, the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

  • They are an effective addition to almost any existing system.
  • Their effects are cumulative and mutually supportive, meaning that the more Quantum units you use, the greater their impact and that often, careful deployment means that the results can be further augmented.
  • The technology employed is proprietary. In our experience there is no way in which you can achieve these effects in other ways or using other products. It does not employ conventional filtering or regeneration techniques as used in other products.
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